This is a fan blog for Nellie Veitenheimer from The Glee Project season 2. Her real tumblr url is nva.

27th January 2013

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We need this on Glee. Like Nellie comes in to Marley and is like “Look how sexy we can be” then BAMN!

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26th January 2013

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So Ali Stroker is going to be in season 4 of Glee as Artie’s love interest.
Now I want Nellie to get a role as Ryder’s love interest because their chemistry on TGP was phenomenal.
And lastly, Aylin needs to get on that show because she’s awesome! And because I wanted her to win out of the three finalists anyway :P

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15th August 2012

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I don't understand Ryan Murphy (SPOILER ALERT)

  • Ryan: I am looking for a person who is different. Glee is about being different and this person has to inspire me to show me that this character has never been on TV before.
  • Ryan: Lol jk let's have the cute, popular guy who played sports in high school win.

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14th August 2012

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My month is made

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10th August 2012

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If we could read this, we’d probably be offended. Better luck next time…

If we could read this, we’d probably be offended. Better luck next time…

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7th August 2012


ntv310 said: Campaign 2 see Nellie Veitenheimer on Ellen Degeneres Show going strong. Need your help. #1 Go 2 Ellen Website & E-mail why you love Nellie. #2 Tweet Ellen now & again so that she is curious as to who Nellie is. #3 If you are a young one, does Mom think Nellie is a good role model 4 u. E-mails 2 Ellen from parents will help. Find people & pass it on.

I am not sure if I am able to write to Ellen as I am not based in the U.S. Anyone outside of America able to do it and advise me? Also, I don’t have a twitter :o

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1st August 2012

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When Ryan eliminates someone he is like:

But the fandom are like:

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30th July 2012

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Some people….

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29th July 2012

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Seeing the duet with Nellie and Dani, I would put them on this week’s callback list.

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27th July 2012

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When Ryan Murphy gives criticism that goes against “Glee”

For example, “Fake it till you make it.” And I’m like: 

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